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Mistakes of new dog owner

For the first time the puppy owners are like parents first - they are happy about new people, but they are scared of making mistakes, and can fear that they will take responsibility. Funny dog names Make sure this is a big responsibility, and the fact is that you make mistakes. The key cycle is not to be repeled.

The dog owners have made almost every possible mistake before you came. So if you think that they are wrong, then you can avoid common mistakes. Here are 10

1. Understand the Committee without consideration

If you are not 100% sure that you are ready to join the dog, then stay here and wait until you are ready, you should not buy a puppy in a healthy way. Many dogs end in shelter because people have decided that they are not ready for commitment for ten years.

2. Stop the training

"I'll start tomorrow," you think. Then come tomorrow and go, and your disciple will grow, and then you know that you have young people with many bad habits. Soon you start obedience training, the better - it is easy to solve the problem of art to improve later on.

3. Incompatibility

Continuous train with same verbal commands and signals of hands. If you can change the law, then your dog is confused.

4. On treatment

Puppies usually eat whatever you offer them, they should not be treated for any reason. It is best to reserve compensation for workouts - in this way, the disciple joins the prize with good behavior, and you have a strong inspirational tool in opposition to some proposal, and your puppy does not expect any special reason .

5. Bad socialization

Puppies should be litter during the first eight weeks of life - this is the time when they can learn how to become dogs. If you plan to buy puppies under eight weeks, then you should not do this. During this time, responsible breeders confirm that puppies are often controlled by humans. Funny Dog Names If you take your puppy home with you, then you should continue the process of the society and make sure that your pup is used by other people and other pets. The more experience your puppy, she will be safe.

6. Not enough exercise

Puppies and dogs usually have very much energy, and lazy dogs also require daily exercise. Physical inactivation can lead to behavioral problems such as fatal and excessive barking.

7. Psychological stimulation is not enough

In addition to your dog's body, it is also important to train your mind. Training provides a mental stimulation, as well as playing with various toys and of course their person.

8. Very "lonely" time

If your puppy is alone for a long time, then it can be remembered both physically and psychologically. They often cause accidents at home and can cause behavioral problems or various concerns.

9. The house is not "puppy-proof"

You need to keep the baby safe like a child. Funny dog names This means that all cleaning products are safe and electric cable is not accessible. Make sure the garage is also puppy proof - petroleum products and antifsifers can be lethal.

10. Unhealthy behavior statement

If you are guilty of misbehaving your dog, then he will learn to do for what he did. However, you are afraid of more than that. Praise and rewards are always a more effective way of training to punish your dog.

Last word

You will make mistakes as a new puppy owner - it's from the area. Nobody has ever raised a puppy, and when he reaches the age of the disciple, he says, "I did it." But now you know the most common mistakes, and this is the most important. Avoid them and you are good as a well-ordered dog.

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